Loucyn Belgian Malinois

Breeding for sound mind, body and working ability
Loucyn Belgian Malinois
©2011 Loucyn Belgian Malinois
Rodin du Calvaire aux Acacias FRIII, Korung II
2002 NARA Reserve Champion FRIII
2003 Selectifs France

Rodin needs no introduction, anyone who knows Malinois has heard of the great Rodin.
From the first time I saw Rodin in 2002, I knew he was special.
I had never seen a dog quite like him: endless energy & drive, incredible speed, insane entries, intense grips and athleticism all crammed in a Napoleonic package. He is truly a legend as a working dog and a producer of working dogs. I am excited and greatful
to finally be reunited with Rodin and also to be able to give him a wonderful life to retire to. He spends his days hanging out with us on the ranch and accompanying us on trail rides.Thank you Waleed!

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He has many working offspring overseas and in North America. His progeny speak for themselves:

Link to Rodin Offspring - CLICK HERE

Rodin also has many sons and daughters working as certified dual & single purpose police dogs.


Object Guard
Face Attack


Rest in peace Rodin - May 4th 2000 - June 6th 2012
SCC/AKC Registered
No missing teeth, scissors bite
Hips HD-A ED-0 (France)
DNA on file

Rodin at 10.5yrs old enjoying his retirement on our ranch
Rodin 2010