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Historically and Genetically Significant Malinois
Throughout the years, there have been many Malinois that have been genetically influential in the Loucyn program at one point or another. This page is dedicated to those dogs and includes some info on each of them.
Veomar van het Groentenhof
aka 'Stan' was a large and powerful son of the great Rambo v/t Muizenbos. He is linebred on Debber and Gordon with influence from Blondeau. 'Stan' was used primarily by the French kennel 'Contes d'Hoffmann' and proved himself to be a very potent stud, as was his sire. He was frequently used to bring size, stability, power and character.

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Nelton des Deux Pottois
Nelton was also known as 'Zorro' NVBK and is a result of combining the bloodline of G'Bibber and Debber. This cross has proven very successful over time and Nelton is loved and renowned by top Malinois breeders all over for his reproductive qualities. Nelton was not a overly big dog himself but he had a big 'motor' and very good character to match.

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Rambo van het Muizenbos
Rambo was bred by the famous NVBK kennel, v/h Muizenobos and is sire to many strong working and producing studs. Two of his most famous sons are Urpauwer and Veomar van het Groentenhof. He is the product of combining Toby, Debber and Gordon, all powerhouse producers for the NVBK Malinois.

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Scaramouche NVBK
Linebred on Cartouche with influence from Grobber. Very good biter, good jumper, had a broad build and was a very agile dog for his type.
Tom van het Muizenbos
Another influential NVBK stud from the famous Muizenbos kennel in Belgium. Hailing down from the great producers Toby, Debber, Gordon and Snap (brother to Cartouche). Tom was known for giving speed, big grips and strong character to his offspring.
Oke van het Muizenbos
One of the Muzenbos kennel's best stud dogs, Oke was very tightly bred on the great Debber with influence from Gordon and Blondeau. He was an excellent dog himself and sired many work champions.
Debber NVBK
Cartouche NVBK
G'Bibber NVBK
Gordon NVBK