Fat Louie Des Barriques FR III
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Belgian Import
FCI registered, AKC Registered
75lbs    26"@shoulder
No missing teeth, scissors bite
Hips Xrayed good (Belgium)
Proven Stud
Dovre Fjeld Xhone aka 'Byrak'  BR Cat 2
Byrak was a very special Malinois that will forever be near and dear to my heart. Waleed and I co-owned him together and imported him in 2003 after seeing him work in Belgium the previous year. He was our first stud dog for the Barriques Malinois breeding program.
Not only was he the sire to the unforgettable Fat Louie des Barriques but he was sire and grandsire to many other excellent Malinois over the years.
When I first saw Byrak in Nijlen, Belgium, he had such a flash and presence about him that made you like him instantly. His intensity in everything he did, the way he proudly pranced and carried himself, the manner in which he exploded into retrieves, I remember it all well. Before this, I had never seen a dog bulldoze into the bite like he did nor had I seen another Malinois bite with such intensity, anger and forward drive like Byrak did. He loved a good fight and welcomed those that wanted to give him one. Although never a points dog, he was put to the test over and over again by the challenging NVBK Belgian Ring program and its excellent decoys, even competing in the Cat 2 Championships at one time. He was one of THE dogs to watch during a competition and a crowd favorite, eventually retiring due to control issues.
Byrak was social to socially indifferent and would ignore most people but he was a very dominant dog and God help you if you messed with him! He was a dog that would get very real, very fast and he demanded respect from those around him.
Overall a very driven dog with a lot of power, speed,character, aggression and energy. Oh...and hell in a muzzle too.
Byrak made an important contribution to the Malinois gene pool in Europe and the United States. He can be found in the pedigrees of many of the top sport and police dogs in the US today and strongly stamped his progeny, proving to be a potent stud.
Many of his offspring were sold to police due to their high drive, toughness, aggression and their civil edge. Although Byrak kids thrived in this type of work, many of them were unavailable for breeding purposes due to this and so his blood has become relatively tough to come by in recent times.

Byrak going over the BR hurdle in Belgium (c 2002)
Byrak training a new decoy in NY (c 2005)
Stephanie and Byrak in Bart Bellon's NVBK clubhouse in Hoboken, Belgium (c 2002)