Fat Louie Des Barriques FR III
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Working Homes Only!
Exceptional Bloodlines
Meet the Chenil de Loucyn Team!
We offer working line Belgian Malinois puppies for sale. 
Our Malinois puppies are bred to work and excel in many different areas including: French Ringsport, Mondioring, Schutzhund, IPO, Police K-9, Patrol, Detection, AKC Obedience, Search and Rescue, Demo dogs and more!
Chenil de Loucyn Belgian Malinois has acquired some of the best blood for breeding available today. Contes des Hoffmann, Barriques, Calvaire aux Acacias, du Boscaille, Groentenhof, Muizenbos, Deux Pottois and more!
Debber NVBK, Toby NVBK, Nelton D2P, G'Bibber, G'Vitou, Cartouche, S'Loebas, Scaramouche, Grobber and more!
Stephanie O'Brien is a professional dog trainer in Los Angeles, California. 
Stephanie O'Brien handles/owns/trained Fat Louie des Barriques (NARA National Champion)
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The Chenil de Loucyn Malinois breeding program is primarily based on old Belgian bloodlines that have been proven to strongly pass on the desired genetic qualities we look for in today's Malinois dogs including excellent gripping behavior, strong character, high drives and trainability, good aggression and nerve, athleticism, power and great health. 

A Quick History,
For the better part of the last decade, I have had Belgian Malinois in my life. I have an incredible appreciation and passion for the drive, athleticism, power and courage of the Malinois. My goal is to preserve the amazing working qualities of the Malinois through careful, well planned breeding and selection. I have learned from many of the most successful Malinois breeders internationally and I understand well the history behind the Malinois. 

It seems that today, everyone is a breeder. There has been an explosion of Malinois breeders popping up and the majority of them have no regard for what the Malinois should be. They have not closely studied the different bloodlines, they have no specific selection process and they compromise quality for quantity and money. These poor standards have sent the working Malinois into a downward spiral of weak, small, thin nerved dogs with no real character or courage under pressure. These mediocre dogs are made 'great' by extensive and prudent training over the years. While they may develop into impressive competition dogs, they are a false representative of a breeding quality dog. Though these dogs may produce a good dog here and there, it is important to keep in mind that consistancy in quality is what should be strived for and it is equally important that we are producing dogs of true breeding caliber, not just 'points dogs'. That doesn't mean a great breeding quality dog cannot be titled but it takes a knowledgable, experienced eye to notice the difference. A great breeder should be looking to strengthen their line, not weaken it to sell more puppies to inappropriate homes and should know the difference between these dogs. Very rarely does a dog come along who is known for both competition and reproducing.

 In 2003, I started the well-known Barriques Malinois breeding program with Waleed Maalouf. We imported and bred many influential Malinois over the years including Dovre Fjeld Xhone aka Byrak, the great Rodin du Calvaire aux Acaciasand Fat Louie des Barriques to name a few. I have created an Influential Dog page on my site in the hopes that  interested people would be able to learn more about these individual dogs. The Barriques breeding program introduced some much needed new blood into the US and helped to raise the standard of working Malinois here. Unfortunately, in late 2006, Waleed and I had different goals and plans in life so we decided to go our seperate ways. Waleed kept the Barriques name and I started Chenil de Loucyn. 

'The Ranch'
We are currently located on a beautiful and scenic 1545 acre ranch just north of Los Angeles, California. We have everything from sandy riverbeds to wooded foothills and endless canyons to explore...and we do, a lot! Our dogs live and work around the many facets of the ranch so they are not just competition or kennel dogs but are involved in our everyday happenings here. We have horses, cattle (30+ head), chickens, other dogs and a variety of wildlife native to Southern California including deer, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, birds of prey, songbirds and lots of smaller critters as well. We take many of the Malinois out on our adventures either on foot, horseback or more frequently, on ATVs. 

There is just something special about cutting loose a litter of Malinois puppies to follow you around the ranch and explore. It's an opportunity that most dogs never get, let alone experience often and I think our Malinois are very lucky to have all these wonderful amenities even though, at the end of the day, they are working dogs and many of them double as legitmate ranch dogs. The ranch plays an important role in the selection of dogs for the breeding program as many of the daily tasks and chores will greatly test the stability, nerve, character and grit of any dog. 

So, enjoy the website and the increasing amount of information on it. The Malinois is not a dog to be taken lightly and we are serious about every puppy we sell. 

The Best in Working Malinois Puppies!
Belgian Malinois Puppies for sale
Momo does it again! This time he got to battle it out with Hollywood celebrity Charlie Sheen for a video shoot. It was business as usual for Momo, he worked flawlessly with numerous people and cameras in his face while doing take after take at the actor's Beverly Hills Estate. 
PLEASE NOTE! We WILL NOT sell any Malinois puppy as a pet, companion or guard dog! We also do not sell Malinois puppies for strictly personal protection. We will only sell Malinois puppies for police, military or high level competition. The Malinois is a strong, driven working dog that requires constant training, challenge and exercise as well as firm structure and constant management. 
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